what's new in lemoncurry 1.4.0??

yes, it’s here! gasp 😮

here’s what’s been added

  • the markdown rendering is a lot smarter now: rather than having the markdown processor escape html, i’m using a pipeline of markdown and bleach, which makes it a lot easier to use a little bit of Harmless html here and there in my content
  • it also does “smart” quotes and other cute stuff like that now so that’s neat too
  • code now looks way nicer, and i made a few other little style tweaks
  • i started implementing indieauth support! it’s not finished yet but it’s gonna be rad 🐱
  • i introduced simple support for host-meta and webfinger - they’re basically ways to discover machine-parseable information from a website, like microformats2 but less nice?? everything is less nice than microformats2
  • speaking of less nice than microformats2, https://schema.org/BreadcrumbList and https://schema.org/Person objects are generated now! this is good because google can display a little more info about the site by reading them, but bad because the same info is already on the pages thanks to microformats2


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