1. yo just a head’s up on development: there hasn’t been much

    i’m not sure what i want to do with this site basically, it’s just a lot of effort to implement all these protocols and i’m fundamentally not that interested :/

    hmm. idk

  2. i pushed out two patch releases, which basically just

    1. updated every dependency to its latest release, which was important since some things (the old django i had for example) had security issues
    2. fixed my usage of tippy.js to work again, since tippy.js 3 works differently to tippy.js 2


  3. i forgot to push the “native microformats2 in the database” branch to my git server before wiping my old laptop :/ oops

    lemoncurry microformats2
  4. i haven’t touched the lemoncurry codebase since july

    this is starting to look abandoned

    urgh :(

  5. trying to deploy our websockets microservice using an ecs task definition

    amazon are evil

  6. deleting works now! you can’t try it out for yourself since you still aren’t me, but it works by sending a “command” object to the micropub endpoint? looks like this

    {"action": "delete", "url": "https://00dani.me/notes/35"}

    updating works much the same way, but you use fancier command objects, which is why i haven’t done that yet ;)

  7. actually scratch that! i’m gonna implement micropub update and delete next!!

    delete first because it’s way simpler lmao

  8. got the new design looking pretty nice on my phone now c: woo! i think the next thing to figure out at this point is probably automatic syndication? i’ll look into doing it with mastodon first, and then maybe silos as well. maybe

  9. working on a new design for entries which takes up less vertical space :o it currently looks very bad on mobile but decent on desktop, gonna need to tweak it some more

  10. btw i used both quill and micropublish to write that last entry?

    see, quill supports the micropub media endpoint, which i needed to upload the screenshots, while micropublish doesn’t as far as i can tell

    but micropublish lets you preview exactly what request is gonna be sent to your server before it actually sends! which is important because my server isn’t very clever yet and can’t handle more complicated micropub requests :o