1. yoooo i forgot to work on lemoncurry! again! oops?? here’s 1.8.4

    the reason i forgot to work on the site this time is that i bought a new 3ds xl, which arrived the day after i last updated lemoncurry 😳 the last nintendo handheld i bought was a ds lite, so i’ve missed a lot of gaming in the meantime and i have a lot to catch up on :o

    i got a special samus edition 3ds, which i guess was released to commemorate the new metroid game released for the platform? it’s really cool, here’s what it looks like

    new 3ds xl - samus edition

    the best part is that it came with a download code for the aforementioned new metroid game, samus returns, which is fantastic???

    • it’s a remake of metroid ii: return of samus for the game boy, which apparently was poorly received since it was a lot more linear than the first metroid??
    • samus returns, however, is quite possibly the best side-scrolling metroid game. yes, it’s that good
    • to progress through the game’s areas you have to find and slay a certain number of metroids in each, thereby unlocking the path to the next area, which is what made metroid ii so linear
    • that hasn’t changed, but now each area is absolutely colossal and takes literal hours to explore? you head off down a side path thinking “i’ll just check here quickly before going back to the main path”, and then, you don’t return to that spot for like an hour?? so it’s like you’re playing eight non-linear exploration-focused metroid games in a row??? i love it 💖
    • it’s also using utterly gorgeous 3d graphics, despite being a sidescroller, since the 3ds is so very good at 3d graphics. the environments look amazing, samus looks really really cool especially after finding the suit upgrades, everything looks super great.
    • this is the first side-scrolling metroid for a dual-screen console, which means it can finally use those two screens in the best possible way: the map - not a minimap, a full-size map - is constantly visible on the touch screen, which makes exploring a delightful breeze. it’s the perfect arrangement for classic metroid gameplay, and it makes me wonder why the ds never got a classic metroid?? silly nintendo
    • samus can aim and fire in any direction with the circle pad, rather than only eight directions like every previous side-scrolling metroid - this makes for some really engaging combat, especially while fighting the metroids (which are like, minibosses, i guess?) since they’re flying all over the place and you gotta hit their weak point for massive damage
    • she’s also got a new attack, called the “melee counter” - when an enemy charges at her, tapping the x button with good timing will stun the enemy, dramatically weaken them, and automatically aim her gun at them. it doesn’t do a lot of damage, but it means you can wipe out enemies with just a few blasts once they’re stunned! many, many enemies charge at you, including the metroids, so you get to use the melee counter a lot. it makes combat faster and way more interesting than in previous metroids, it’s brilliant 💕
    • i love this game please play it ✨

    oh yeah, the lemoncurry update!! like last time, i made two little changes

    1. i enabled cross-origin request sharing for all pages! basically, cors support means that javascript, running in anyone’s browser, will be able to fetch pages directly from my site and inspect the contents? which is cool for things like js-based indieweb readers :3
    2. font awesome 5.0.4 was out, so i bumped my version again! yay! i also found a changelog, which i can’t link since it’s inside the private fa pro repository :o it looks like they fixed a lot of spacing issues with the previous versions? neato burrito 🌯
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