1.7.3 makes a teeeeeeeny change, but a very important one: my little profile links at the bottom of my h-card are now fully accessible for screen readers!

previously a screen reader could see my username, but it couldn’t tell what site the username was for. now the entire username@domain account specifier will be available to screen readers, as well as sighted users by hovering over the link. technically a smart screen reader could parse the actual h-card markup and find out the urls that way? but that’s not very user-friendly and this is much nicer c:

i also stopped displaying the username for sighted users, since it was getting super cluttered and i like hovering (or just clicking on it and going to the profile!) to see that better. plus it’s almost always just a variation on “00dani” so it’s not that important that you see it 😉

oh also font awesome 5.0.1 is out so i bumped the version, that happened too lol

hooray! lemoncurry facebook.com octodon.social twitter.com