yo i just published lemoncurry 1.9.2! there’s nothing new that you can actually see lol

there are two new things behind the scenes though??

  1. i started writing automated tests?? i’m generally pretty bad at writing tests for my projects so this is kinda notable, i think?? currently the only things covered by my tests are a few utility functions and a couple of the /.well-known views, but it’s a good start and i’m proud ✨

    i’m using the lovely pytest?? the main reason i chose it is that it’s got super-smart assertion introspection: if you write tests using the standard python unittest module, then you have to write ugly things like self.assertEqual(result, 5) into your tests, whereas if you’re using pytest all you need to write is assert result == 5 and you still get the same information when the assertion fails! yay! 🐱

  2. i was hashing passwords with django’s default algorithm, pdkbf2, which is quite good! but it’s not the best password hasher out there, so i’ve now switched to the newer and stronger algorithm argon2 instead! 💖


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