1. 1.7.3 makes a teeeeeeeny change, but a very important one: my little profile links at the bottom of my h-card are now fully accessible for screen readers!

    previously a screen reader could see my username, but it couldn’t tell what site the username was for. now the entire username@domain account specifier will be available to screen readers, as well as sighted users by hovering over the link. technically a smart screen reader could parse the actual h-card markup and find out the urls that way? but that’s not very user-friendly and this is much nicer c:

    i also stopped displaying the username for sighted users, since it was getting super cluttered and i like hovering (or just clicking on it and going to the profile!) to see that better. plus it’s almost always just a variation on “00dani” so it’s not that important that you see it 😉

    oh also font awesome 5.0.1 is out so i bumped the version, that happened too lol

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  2. just one teeny-tiny change in lemoncurry 1.7.2!

    specifically, i noticed that the free version of font awesome 5 just came out, so i migrated lemoncurry across from fa 4 to fa 5! you’ll notice most of the icons look a little different, and some of the brand icons (like bitbucket!) are way different because the actual brands changed their icons! amazing

    i actually have a fa 5 pro license but it’s currently pretty complicated to use fa pro with an open-source project like this one :/ apparently there’s a special pro cdn on the roadmap? so i might switch lemoncurry to that once it’s available. for now the free icons are very nice tho!

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  3. i got a little burnt out on lemoncurry after releasing 1.7 :( back now though!

    1.7.1 does not add replies/likes/reposts, because i’m still figuring out the best way to integrate those into the design i have so far. my existing ui is very simple, and it doesn’t quite express “this is someone else’s post, which i’ve replied to/liked/reposted” as well as i’d like it to? instead, 1.7.1 contains just a bunch of little bugfixes and style tweaks - not much, but it’s been two weeks and i wanted to release something again!!

    gonna take a nap now because i’m a very sleepy girl :o nyawn~

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  4. i set up a django-rq task queue, right now it’s used for websub pinging when i post a new entry? idk if it even works yet tho. guess i’ll find out in a moment, when it either works or doesn’t???

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  5. lemoncurry 1.6 has micropub support! whoa!!

    basically micropub is a standardised way to publish content on your site, which external apps can understand and communicate with? my implementation is super rudimentary so far, but, i’m actually writing this post on https://quill.p3k.io and not in the django admin, which should give you an idea of what it can do :3

    it looks like most micropub clients use html for post content rather than markdown, so i might need to change things around so i use html for post content rather than markdown too?? we’ll see. i also need to make my micropub implementation like. way more robust. right now it only knows about h-entry and it only knows about the name and content properties of an h-entry, which is pretty sucky???

    anyway yeah! i’m excited

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  6. lemoncurry 1.5.1 basically fixed lots of bugs in 1.5.0, but also, it added cute shortlink support! look at that cute shortlink, how adorable??

    the shortlink is automatically inferred from the entry id rather than being explicitly created, it’s pretty cool like that. also check out that rad domain name :3 nyaa~!

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